New Cadets

New Cadets will be issued their uniform 3-4 weeks after joining.  Uniforms for new cadets are issued only on Tuesday nights between 1915h and 2020h at the Armoury.

Cadets may make an appointment with the Supply Officer for initial uniform issue on Wednesday nights.

Each Cadet will receive one (1) 676 Army Corps T-shirt at no charge when they join.  The t-shirt is printed with the Lorne Scots crest on the front and 676 ARMY on the back.  During cadet events, Sergeants and above may wear black or green versions of the 676 t-shirt.  Master Corporals and below may wear the GREEN version of the shirts only.

Uniform Exchange

Uniforms can be exchanged on Tuesday or Wednesday nights during break time or, preferably before 1845h.  No appointment is necessary.  Go downstairs to the office and ask for the Supply Officer.

Returning Uniforms

Uniforms can be returned any Wednesday night Cadets are at the Armory, from September and June, between 1830h to 2100h, or on any Tuesday night the Supply Depot is open between 1915h and 2030h, unless posted on the Calendar.  No appointment is necessary to drop off a uniform.   Please check the website first to ensure we are open.  We ask that all boots specifically be returned, as these are the most costly component of the uniform.