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Promoting Healthy and Safe Experience (PHASE) Resources

The Promoting Healthy and Safe Experiences (PHASE) program replaces Positive Social Relations for Youth (PSRY), used by the Cadet Program, and Preventing Harassment and Abuse through Successful Education (PHASE), used by the JCR Program.


    • PHASE affirms youth rights as defined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and allows for an open dialogue in which youth can explore what healthy relationships look like. The program provides youth the ability to help themselves or a friend in situations such as bullying, harassment, dating violence and abuse. PHASE provides guidance on how to be an ally, intervene as a bystander and get help.
    • This program aligns with the CAF’s priorities for promoting mental health and stress management to its members and their families. PHASE helps create, maintain and support safe spaces within the Cadet and JCR programs.
    • PHASE is modelled on psychological first aid principles, which include establishing a connection with youth in a non-judgmental manner. PHASE is experiential in that it encourages cadets and JCRs to discuss and role play their actions in various situations.
    • PHASE provides youth with tools to:
      1. interact positively with others;
      2. accept personal responsibility for actions and choices;
      3. deal with interpersonal conflict;
      4. stay safe in the face of select harm and risks; and
      5. seek assistance from available resources as needed.

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