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Corps T-shirts

Each cadet will receive 1 Corps T-shirt at no charge.
Printed with the Lorne Scots crest on the front and 676 ARMY on the back.
During Cadet events, Sergeants and above may wear black or green.  Master Corporals and below may wear GREEN shirts only.

In-stock and available for pick up any Wednesday night.  Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and 2XL in green and black.

Corps Hoodie – No Zipper
Available to cadets who participate on one of the teams.  50% cotton polyester blend with colour embroidered Lorne Scots Crest on the front with the text below printed on the back.  Last name of the Cadet is embroidered on the right sleeve and Georgetown on the left sleeve

      676 Lorne Scots
              Air Rifle or Biathlon or Drill or Orienteering

Team Specific Hoodie Colours
Air Rifle – Dark Green
Drill – Maroon
Biathlon – Navy Heather
Orienteering – Red


Name Plates
These plastic names tags are to be worn on dress uniform tunics and on dress shirts when summer dress is specified.  1 tag is free to each Cadet after receiving their uniform.



Field Message Pad Cover  (FMP)
FMPs are required to be carried by all Senior Cadets (MCpl and above)  FMPs must be carried on all Cadet training activities.  Heavy duty zipper with holders for pens and highlighers.  In stock and available for pickup any Wednesday night.

Material: 100% Polyester
Colour: Olive Drab



Canteen Belt and Holder
The 676 is offering a canteen, belt and holder for sale to all Cadets.  Cadets are not required to purchase our canteen system but they must have a hands-free way of carrying at least 1 litre of water with them during field exercises.  Disposable water bottles are not permitted on any cadet exercises.  In stock and available for pick up any Wednesday night

Side release buckle with polypropylene belt
Plastic canteen holds one litre of water


Black Bow Ties
Bow ties are required for C6 mess dress.  Pre-tied with adjustable strap.  In stock and available for pickup any Wednesday night

Dimensions 2.5″ x 4.5″



Boot Blousers
Boot Blousers are required for C5 Field Training Uniform.  They are worn on the cuff of the pants at the top of the combat boot to keep the pant leg in place.  In stock and available for pickup any Wednesday night




Boot Polishing Supplies
Issued parade boots require regular polishing.  The kit shop offers Kiwi brand polish and polishing cloths.  Both are needed to properly polish boots.  In stock and available for pick up any Wednesday night.