Dress Standards

The links below will assist you in navigating the confusing world of Army Cadet dress regulations, maintaining your uniform, and where to sew on your earned badges.

Examples of the uniforms are also shown to assist cadets with what should be worn on a Wednesday parade night or during a scheduled Cadet Event.

CATO 46-01 Annex A – Cadet Uniforms – Numbered Dress – this is the official numbered dress code document, which provides a visual description of each uniform class including the C-1 and C-5 (FTU or Field Training Uniform) uniforms;

The 676 Army Cadets use a slightly modified version of this document, given that the Lorne Scots Corps also wear kilts. The Numbered Orders of Dress – 676 Lorne Scots Army Cadets document is what should be followed. Cadets must familiarize themselves with the dress and uniform requirements during all training and scheduled activities

  1. C-1/H-1 (formal dress uniform with medals)
  2. C-2/H-2 (formal dress uniform with undress ribbons)
  3. C-2 Summer Dress (Dress uniform without tunic, issued short sleeve collared shirt with name tag, undress ribbons and sash)
  4. C-5 (field training uniform – FTU, also known as “combats”), and
  5. Sports or PT Gear (sports and fitness attire with cadet issued green or black Corps T shirt).
  6. C6/H6 Mess dress is work for formal Mess Dinners

CATO 46-01 – Army Cadet Dress Regulations – everything you could possibly want to know about Army cadet dress regulations CATO 46-01


CATO 46-01 Annex D – Army Cadet Badges – a complete list of all Cadet badges and explanations of what each badge means with proper Left and Right Sleeve placement

CATO 46-01 Annex F – Illustrated References – Drawings and sketches of acceptable hair styles, moustaches, allowable jewellery, medal placement and boot lacing requirements.

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