Cadet Resources

Cadets are asked to report your absence if you cannot attend Wednesday night training. 

Important Note: MANDATORY events as noted in the Calendar, indicate required participation by all cadets.  Failure to participate may affect future optional training and/or the summer training programs eligibility.

Wednesday Nights – weekly standardized cadet training

Uniforms – where to get them, and how to exchange items

Dress Standards & Badges – standards for badge placement and uniform appearance

National Star Program – for senior cadets

Fitness Assessment – standards for cadets to achieve

Kit Shop – support us! Purchase 676 clothing and swag

Regimental Cap Brass Badge Evaluation Form (pdf) – Red Star Cadets are required to complete the regimental Cap Badge evaluation in order to be eligible to wear the Lorne Scots Cap Badge.  The test is open book and cadets can use any resource at their disposal to complete the test

PHASE – resources to support the PHASE program

676 Challenge Coin Eligibility