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Army Cadets — part of Georgetown since 1916

ARMY CADETS is a free program for young men and women 12-18 providing the opportunity to test your limits through participation in challenging and exciting activities.  Army Cadets is the oldest and one of the largest youth programs in Canada with a focus on outdoor adventure activities. Based out of The Colonel John Roaf Barber, ED. CD. Armoury in Georgetown Ontario, the 676 conducts virtual and in-person training. 

To join the Army Cadet program go to this link.  In the “Which Cadet Unit are you interested in?” field use: 676 Lorne Scots, Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.  Once we receive your inquiry we’ll be in touch!


The 676 Lorne Scots are very active on Facebook. As a parent or guardian, we  encourage you to join the closed group 676 Lorne Scots RCACC, which is linked to the public Georgetown Army Cadets facebook page for immediate updates and last minute changes.  Simply send a join request to for access to the Facebook page.


This is an unofficial cadet website that is not intended to represent in any way the policies or procedures of either the Department of National Defense, the Canadian Armed Forces or the Cadet Leagues of Canada. This is not a Canadian Armed Forces website. The website is maintained on behalf of the Corps/Squadron Local Committee for 676 Lorne Scots Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.

This website is intended for use by the cadets and parents of the 676 Lorne Scots RCACC, and prospective cadets and their parents, staff and Local Committee. The objective is to provide basic information about the function of the corps/squadron and to inform cadets, parents and the local community about the Cadet Program and various events that will be taking place.

Any questions about this website can be addressed to support@georgetownarmycadets.ca