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France 2016


Canada’s Battlefield Tour

OIC: Capt Cameron

Dates of Travel - 23-30 April 2016

This is an optional trip which is scheduled to occur during the week of 23-30 April 2016. As planning for the trip progresses, information will be posted on this page.


As part of the 100th year commemoration of the 1st World War and as part of the 100 years of Army Cadets  in Georgetown celebration, the 676 is planning an educational trip to France for 8 days touring the Vimy and Normandy regions as well as spending several days in Paris.  

Travel arrangements and planning to be completed by EF Tours.

For more information contact Michele Cameron at 905-877-6655.  Michele is also available at the Armoury Wednesday Nights


The trip is open to everyone in the 676 Lorne Scots.  Participants must be in possession of a valid Canadian Passport. Cadets and volunteers can sign up until 1 December 2015

Cost to Cadet for This Trip

$3534 and will include:

 flight, accommodations, entrance to all activities, breakfast and dinner, Insurance (medical and cancellation) mandatory jacket/hoodie. and gratuities.

Not included: Lunches, snacks and personal spending money

Fundraising - How your Cadet can go for Free (or very little cost)

There are 2 parts to our France 2016 fundraising plan.  The goal is to reduce the cost as much as possible for those cadets participating.  Group and personal fundraising is expected to offset this cost with a goal to raise $1000 per Cadet attending.   

Group Fundraising

Funds generated from the group fundraising will be split among all France 2016 that

Participate in the group fundraising program.


Group fundraising includes::

Personal Fundraising

All money raised through the personal fundraising programs stays with the cadet and is

used for his or her trip.  Avgen cards, almonds and pepperoni can be ordered through

Michele Cameron.

            pick up Wednesdays.

            pick up Wednesdays

Registration to Participate in this event:

Cadets participating in this trip are required to participate in group fundraising activities.

This trip is subject to final approval and as such details may change

Proposed trip itinerary

For further trip details and to Sign up for the France 2016 trip

 Group Fundraising Total

France 2016


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