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Dress Standards

The following links will assist you in navigating the confusing world of Army Cadet dress regulations and maintaining your uniform. This page details where the badges are to be placed on the uniform and what type of dress is to be worn on a Wednesday parade night or during a Cadet event.

Uniform and Appearance Standards Drawings and sketches of acceptable hair styles, moustaches, allowable jewellery, medal placement and boot lacing requirements.

Left Sleeve Badge Placement Drawings of exactly where to sew badges on the left arm of the dress uniform   

Right Sleeve Badge Placement Drawings of exactly where to sew badges on the right arm of the dress uniform   

Army Cadet Uniform Badge Information Photographs and explanations of all Army Cadet badges and pins and their basic placement on the uniform.

Army Cadet Dress Regulations 28 pages of everything you could possibly want to know about Army cadet dress regulations CATO 46-01

How to shine your Parade Boots (video)

Numbered orders of Dress

H-2 Full Dress / H-2C Summer Dress

 C-2 Full Dress

C-2A Summer dress

C-5 Field Training Uniform    (Combats)

C-6  Mess Dress

A Note on the field training Uniform

Cadets will be issued the green field training uniform in their second year.  These uniforms are on loan only and must be returned when the Cadet resigns or retires from the Army Cadet program.  Cadets that wish to wear combat clothing ahead of the issue date may still purchase their own from Army surplus stores.

C6 Mess dress for male cadets up to rank of WO

Female Cadets may wear a dress of any colour instead of the cadet uniform

H-1 Ceremonial Dress

C-1 Ceremonial Dress